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Why Vaping is increasingly popular to young people?

Vaping in young people

It is clear that vaping has become more popular, with around 20% of people aged 18-29 vaping (Vaping statistics 2023, SingleCare), increasing from 6.2 million in 2017 to 55 million people vaping in 2021.

So, what is vaping? 

Vaping works by heating a nicotine liquid (often called “Juice”) in a small device, where you then inhale and exhale the vapor. These devices are usually battery operated, and are also commonly referred to as “e-cigarettes”, “vapes” or “Juuling”. 

There are different types of vapes you can get:

  • Cigalikes / e-cigarettes: similar to a traditional cigarette, designed to look like one. These ones don’t need to press a button, you only need to inhale to activate the vapor.
  • Pod Vapes: a mixture between a cigalike and a vape pen kit, very user friendly- designed to fit in your hand. Has a rechargeable battery and replaceable pod.
  • Vape pens: pen-shaped vapes with a refillable tank, discrete and compact.
  • Box kits: batter/mod is a box shaped, tend to have larger capacity batteries. Usually used for experienced vapers.

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Why is vaping so popular?

Vaping first gained popularity as an alternative to smoking. It is considered as a less harmful delivery method of nicotine than smoke, because they do not burn tobacco and produce extra chemicals and toxins such as tar or carbon monoxide; two of the most damaging elements to health in tobacco smoke. Whilst most use nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance, some vapes can actually be nicotine free, so it can be a good way to come off of smoking. Alternatively, vapes are convenient to use. You can inhale them whenever you want, unlike with cigarettes where you have to smoke the whole cigarette for it to be worth it. You can also use them in some non-smoking areas, and you don’t have to carry a lighter with you to use it, further adding to its convenience. They are also customizable and can come in many different shapes and colors, which can make it a nicer user experience. 

Flavors of Vape

Since the introduction of vaping, another reason it has become so popular, particularly in the younger generation, is from the wide range of flavors you can get.

Different flavors of vapes – a more enjoyable experience

There are over 7000 vape juice flavors available and growing (National Academies of Sciences). These include flavors such as tobacco, menthol/mint, nuts, spices, fruit (berries and citrus), coffee/tea, dessert, candy, other beverages and more. With thousands of different flavors to choose from, choosing one that you enjoy can be difficult. Learn more about the different flavors available and explore Kickvapes Juice’s, they have a wide range of different delicious flavors for you to try!

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