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What E-Liquid Suits Your Personality- Vape Shop Vancouver

Vape Shop Vancouver

Vape Shop and Your Personality

The vape juice tastes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, much like clouds. Despite the fact that there are thousands of them, each one is distinct and offers something distinctive. This holds true for human beings as well. We all have unique personalities, with various loves, likes, and dislikes. Choosing your local vape shop can ease the whole journey to guide you through selecting the best juice that goes with your personality. 

Taste Your Style

Everyone has a flavor preference, but have you ever thought about what your taste buds think of you?

Here’s our take on the various flavor preferences and what they imply

Now Is the Time to Answer the Quiz

When it comes to my vaping gadget, I want it to be…

A• trendy  B• cutting-edge C• effective D• a vaping device

I prefer to adapt my e-liquid flavor to my mood…

A• friends B• mood C• favorite D• destination

I like it…

A• vaping B• anything to do with vaping C• clouds •D discussing vaping

I prefer e-liquids that contain…

A• material that is blended B• titles that are amusing C• high-VG content D• nicotine content


You’re Probably a Connoisseur if You Answered Largely A

The Connoisseur values style, thus their e-cigarette will be event-appropriate and typically exquisite. They’ll like to vape after a meal, preferably in comfort and with a delicious beverage at their side. They’ll probably modify their drink to match their clothing.

You’re Definitely a Geek if You Answered Predominantly B

Don’t let the epithet “geek” bother you; it just means you know more about the intricacies and logistics of vaping than the ordinary person. Geeks are prone to be amateur vapers and have a scientific bent. They understand the differences between mechanical and controlled mods, tanks and boxes, and cartomizers and clearomizers.

You’re Probably  Mystical if You Answered Heavily C

They may be seen smoking everywhere, surrounded by thick, fragrant clouds of VG-rich vapor with little, if any, nicotine content.

They’ll almost certainly be vaping enthusiasts, and they’ll have some excellent equipment with which to do stunts. They’ll entice folks to join the cloud chase and may be counted on to guide newcomers through the vaping culture.

You’re Probably a Rookie if You Responded Mainly D

Newbies are either new to vaping or are just starting out, and they may choose e-liquids with a tobacco flavor and/or nicotine level. This group matches Mystic in terms of volume consumption, but the clouds are considerably smaller.

Kick Vape– Local Vancouver Shop

The best part is that we promise we have a taste that is a great fit for you, no matter who you are. Finding the proper flavor is half the fun with hundreds of tasty varieties to select from at your favorite vape shop.


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