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Vaping and E-cigarettes: What’s the Difference?- Vancouver Vape Shop

Vancouver Vape Shop

Vancouver Vape Shop

The term E-Cigarette can sometimes confuse people since it sounds different from vaping. We at Vancouver vape shop love to share everything in the world of smoking, and it is not an issue that is up for debate. 

An In-Depth Look at Vaping

The terms vape pen and e-cigarette are not interchangeable, even though they seem to mean the same thing. An e-cigarette looks like a conventional cigarette. Like cigarettes, they function in the same way. It usually only takes a short time to charge the batteries and after that you dispose of them. A more popular alternative is vape pens, which are rechargeable devices with water tanks that can be refilled. Combining different parts would make the ultimate juice blend, and you could fill them with your favorite juice repeatedly.

The Mod : Vaping Shops Near You

Pods hold significantly less e-juice than vape systems, also known as mods. Adjustable dials enable users to adjust liquid, heat and vapour combinations. If you want to rotate the flavor of your vape tank or try a different flavour, simply fill the tank with e-liquid of your choice and nicotine strength.

 Vancouver Vape Shop: Consumers’ choice

What makes one better than the other? A number of factors. Unlike standard cigarette cases and flasks of old, vape mods come in many shapes, sizes and designs, so the owner can express themselves to the fullest extent. Invading a cigarette with an e-cigarette may not be as fulfilling as holding and feeling it in your hand while smoking

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