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Quitting smoking is easier said than done, but can actually be successful if you have access to a high-quality vape shop in Vancouver, as well as the right information. While some smokers quit cold turkey and succeeded, others tried to kick the habit and failed multiple times. Vaping can be an easy transitional habit to stop smoking altogether.

Here’s how to do it with success:

Choose the Right Vape Device

This part can be incredibly overwhelming at first, especially if you’re not familiar with vaping and have never stepped foot inside a vape shop in Vancouver.

  • Buy a high-quality vape: Don’t make your choice based on price alone. Go for a high quality vape that will feel good in your hand and function well. It will help you kick the smoking habit if you have a device that delivers a satisfying hit.
  • Go simple, not complicated: Don’t go for the vape that has the most bells and whistles, at least not for starters. Stick to the basics and get comfortable with vaping before moving onto more advanced models
  • Try different types of e-liquid: With hundreds of available e-juice flavours, try out a few of them before deciding that you’re not a fan of vaping. Sometimes all it takes is the right flavour. There are basic flavours like tobacco and mint as well as some more creative ones like food, desert and cocktail flavours.
  • Make the switch slowly: Don’t quit smoking cold turkey and start vaping 24/7 from the first go. Do it slowly so you can get acquainted with your new vape.
  • Learn to vape: Vaping is a little different from smoking, it’s a much slower and gentler process than that of smoking a regular cigarette.
  • Keep sessions short: Because e-juice cartridges last quite a long time, it’s easy to be tempted to vape for longer periods. Try to allocate time frames for yourself that are similar to how long the standard cigarette would last you.

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