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Although no kind of smoking is good for you, switching to vaping is far better than sticking with smoking tobacco cigarettes. With over 7,000 toxic chemicals found in the smoke produced from tobacco cigarettes, it’s no wonder so many people have been switching over to vaping. At our e-cig shop Vancouver, we offer a wide selection of vaping devices and liquids for you to implement into your routine. 

Vape pens were designed as a healthier, more convenient alternative to smoking regular cigarettes for numerous reasons. Let’s take a look at 10 reasons to switch to vaping.

No Ash

How does vaping work? Vaping involves heating up an e-liquid to then turn it into vapour. There’s no burning paper, no burning tobacco and no ash. This means no more need for an ashtray and no more mess. Browse our wide selection, all available at our e-cig shop Vancouver.

Fewer Chemicals

Tobacco smoke is notorious for being packed with multiple chemicals and known carcinogens. From tar, ammonia and carbon monoxide to formaldehyde, you’re better off knowing those chemicals are not in your body. 


Vaping is much more friendly to your wallet than tobacco cigarettes. One cartridge of e-liquid offers the same amount of nicotine as a pack of 20 cigarettes. Although brands, flavours and amounts vary, you can purchase a few cartridges for the same price as about two packs of standard cigarettes.

Fewer Smoking Rules

With smoking bans now becoming an almost global standard, there still isn’t a strict set of rules regarding vaping in public places, and if there are, they sure aren’t widespread. You can use your vape pen in most places where regular tobacco smoking isn’t allowed.

Limitless Choices at Our E-Cig Shop Vancouver

With a world of choice when it comes to flavours and types of e-liquid as well as vape pens, there are so many ways to enjoy your nicotine. 

The Same Feeling of Smoking

E-cigs give you the same sensation of smoking, without the heavy, smelly smoke or carcinogens.

Easy to Use

With just one button, vaping is incredibly easy. At KickVapes, we stock up on all kinds of e-cigs, from premium and luxurious all the way to the most simple, yet reliable designs.

No Unpleasant Smell

Since all vaping does is create pleasantly fragranced vapour, there is no unpleasant smoke sticking to your hands or clothes after using a vape pen. 

No More Stained Teeth

Since vaping liquid and its vapour doesn’t contain any tar, your teeth won’t get stained by neither tar or other chemicals.

Healthier for People Around You

Most importantly, vaping is much healthier for the people around you as it produces no dangerous second-hand smoke.

If you’re unsure about the tools you need to invest in to start vaping, visit us at our e-cig shop Vancouver. We are looking forward to helping you make the switch! 

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