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Moshi E-juice Flavor’s

Moshi E-juice Flavor’s
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Bringing you the different flavour in moshi:

1.Echo Beach
A juicy flash of melon with a note of mint that chills memorably on the exhale.Echo Beach crisp rush leaves a lingering peppermint coolness on the tip of your tongue

2.High Park
A smoothie of a vape.High Park is a combination of strawberry and banana.Each new hit somehow brings a stronger berry intensity but the distinct banana undertones take over on the exhale and linger on the palate

An orchard of flavour,leslieville has the crispness of a fresh apple the tangy smack of wild berries,and the juiciness of a ripe peach.The palate will pick up more flavours on each vape-perfect as an all day selection

4.Old Mill
A premium tobacco flavour.No frill and no distractions.This is a liquid for the puris-a dry,complete,no nonsense tobacco vape

Maple yrup and fresh waffle are featured at the front of this vape with an exhale that feels like it’s been powdered with cinnamon.This vape stays memorably on the palate for a little while after you’ve finished.

A delicious milk chocolate aroma fills the mouith on the intake.Notes of hazelnut and creamy mocha linger pn the taste bds well after the exhaleypu’ll be coming back to rosedale more than once

7.St Clair
Sugar and upbeat st clair is an instant burst of sweetness hat fills the mouth.A classic cola flavour without the fizz.A hint of cherry and gummi candy rounds out this treat.

8.The Junction
Sweet custard in the corners of your mouth on the intake.Creamy with a spicy finish,but light on the aftertaste.Full bodied without overstaying its welcome.The junction is a simple,delectable treat.

Like a warm snickerdoodle cookie,a vape of yorkville starts with a creamy,full bodied intake and is complemented with strong cinnamon on the exhale.Subtle notes of vanilla and roasted almond wait to be discovered on the next inhale,allowing for a complex and engrossing vape.


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