Kloud E-Juice




Unique original flavour profile of one of the most popular donuts,Boston cream listening to our customers and reacting to their wants and needs.You asked for a chocolate and we delivered with this decadent and unique blend

A cool orange candy flavour which you will definitely love

If you like blueberry donuts.This amazing blend will taste like you just took a bite of an old fashion blueberry glaze donut fresh out of the oven.

Our newest flavor is a creamy vanilla on the inhale followed by a succulent exhale of sweet pistachio.You will love this flavor.

If you really like pear and coconut then you will surely love this mixed flavour of pear,cream and coconut.

Naked is brought to you by popular demand,everyone strips down to their birthday suit.This juice is completely buck naked.20% PG 80% VG Blend

Unique flavour bringing a sweet mixture of utter cookie,cinnamon and banana which you are definitely going to love.

Signature Blend
Signature Blend bringing you a rather fruity vanilla flavour.This juice composed of dragon fruit,cream and vanilla

Smooth Smoke
If you really like the tobacco flavour then here we have for you this smooth smoke flavour e-juice having in it caramel and tobacco flavour.

Sunshine E-Juice is here to give you its citrus blend flavour for those who love citrus.

Sweet Cig
Another tobacco flavour which Kloud E Juice is bringing you Sweet Cig composed of tobacco and vanilla bringing you to the mood

Thunder Struck
Thunder Struck is one of the flavours in this brand which is bringing you an almond flavour.A gentle balance with a touch of bourbon,almond and coconut for our customers.

Our strawberry lovers here comes for you this strawberry cupcake e-juice called Tsunami.

If you like blueberry.This amazing blend will really make you satisfied with its pomegranate,blueberry and cream composition

Typhoon is an absolute delicious intricate confection of the finest apple and pastries.Creating a multilayered and savory pastry taste on the in hale followed by decadent lush apple and cinnamon flavor on your exhale.Perfect for an exquisite treat on the go.

This well balanced blend was inspired from our grandma’s delicious apple butter cookies.Harmoniously blended with apple for a gentle and exquisite balance with a touch of savory butter cookie that will carry from one flavr to the next


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