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At Kickvape, vape shop vancouver, we take our commitment to providing the highest-quality vaping experience seriously. We understand that our customers deserve products that are safe, flavorful, and enjoyable. That’s why we put so much care and dedication into every step of the process. From working with experts to develop unique sensory and flavor profiles to ensuring that our products meet rigorous safety and quality standards, we go above and beyond to curate the best possible experience for our vapers. Our e-Liquids and vapor products are tested in an independent laboratory that is accredited to international standards, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the best of the best. With Kickvape, you can vape with confidence, knowing that at every step of the way, our high safety standards ensure your satisfaction.

Know Your Vape: Quality Matters  

At our company, we take quality very seriously. When it comes to vaping products, we believe that quality matters and we don’t just say it for show. Our product integrity team scrutinizes every incoming e-Liquid ingredient to ensure that only the best materials make it into our products. 

The ePod e-Liquids receive VIP treatment thanks to our high quality and safety standards. We store every material at its optimum temperature and humidity levels and we carefully test each batch of e-Liquid in our ISO17025 accredited laboratory before releasing it to the next stage of the manufacturing process. Finally, we settle the finished e-Liquid under an argon blanket to minimize contact with oxygen, protecting the quality of the product until you take your first puff.

If the checklists are not complete, it’s not coming in.

We’re very picky. Unless all incoming raw material is checked and quality approved, it does not get into our manufacturing facilities. We are only satisfied when all our expectations are met (and trust us, there are many!).

Drop from above and beyond

FACT: Using a height of 1.5 m, our drop test follows internationally-recognized standards.

Charging Beyond, and Then Some

At our company, we take the concept of battery life seriously. We understand that in today’s world, our devices need to be able to keep up with us at all times. That’s why we are proud to say that we go beyond the expected battery life by testing our cells through 600 recharge cycles. This means that our batteries are not only designed to last, but are also rigorously tested to ensure their longevity. We believe that investing in quality batteries is essential for our customers, whether they’re using our products for personal or professional use. With our commitment to excellence, you can trust that our batteries will keep your devices running for years to come.

Know Your Vape: Checked In Canada

As a Canadian company that values high standards, Kickvape is committed to providing top-of-the-line vapour products and e-Liquids. Everything we develop undergoes rigorous testing by an independent laboratory that is accredited to international standards, ensuring that our customers always receive unyielding quality from coast to coast. We take pride in our tamper evident ‘foil fresh’ pod packaging and our Canadian-based consumer care centre, all designed to reassure you of a quality product. Trust is key, and we strive every day to earn yours.

KNOW YOUR VAPE: Trust the Process

At Kickvape, we understand that when it comes to vaping, quality, safety, and manufacturing standards are of utmost importance to our customers. That’s why we dedicate a significant amount of time and effort into ensuring that every puff you take from our products is top-notch. From performing drop tests to testing our cell batteries through 600 recharge cycles, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to product quality. Additionally, we maintain a clean and safe environment for our ingredients and work exclusively with qualified suppliers. For our e-Liquid flavouring, we partner with flavour experts who meet international food standards, guaranteeing an exceptional taste experience with every vape. At Kickvape, we prioritize the satisfaction and safety of our customers above all else.

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