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Whether a cigarette of tobacco or a joint, a nice roll is essential. It creates for an even, slow burn and is much more pleasant to smoke. It can seem overwhelming to pick the right rolling paper for your needs from everything we have available at Kick Vapes smoke shop Vancouver, but once you know the basics, you can narrow it down to the perfect rolling paper.

Wood Pulp

Wood pulp papers are classic and what most people choose as they are the easiest to roll with and offer great durability. Great for beginners and veterans alike, they’re a fantastic all-around option. They do, however, burn a little too fast and too hot, increasing the chances of getting hot spots and an uneven burn.


Rolling cannabis with hemp papers is a fantastic way to come full circle. They’re thin, durable easy to roll and environmentally-friendly as help is a super sustainable crop. Their texture profile makes them slightly more tricky to work with when compared to the classic wood pulp papers, but they’re still great for beginners – just takes a little extra practice.


Rice papers are very thin, have a milky transparency and look great, however, they can be tricky to roll as they are slippery. On the plus side, they burn slow (unlike the fast-burning wood papers) and offer an even burn.


Flax papers are a great way to branch out to other paper fibres. Flax papers are thin, yet easy to roll. According to Leafly, flax papers have a “low profile [with] less combustion, so you’re tasting less smoke and more of the good stuff.”

Fibre Blend

When you can’t just pick one, pick a blend. The classic white Zig-Zags combine wood pulp with other fibres like flax to bring you an even and slow-burning paper that is easy to roll and very sturdy. At our smoke shop Vancouver, you’ll find a wide selection of fibre blends papers. If you’re confused or need assistance, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email and ask!

Transparent Cellulose

Transparent cellulose papers look great – like clear sheets of plastic that show off what is on the inside. Their biggest drawback, however, is that cellulose paper has the highest level of contaminants like pesticides and lead that are dangerous when burned and inhaled. 

Novelty Papers

Papers that are flavoured or have cool designs on them, usually contain high levels of contaminants similar to cellulose papers because of the manufacturing process. To get creative safely, you can learn to roll different shapes or choose papers from trusted brands.

Are you looking for rolling papers that are safe, burn well and crafted from the brands you love and trust? Browse our smoke shop Vancouver website to find a vast selection of papers from Juicy Jays and Zig-Zags, to pre-rolled cones and rolling machines.

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