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Pick Your Flavours From Your Favourite Vape Shop


Get a Taste of Your Favorite Vape Shop

For precisely the same reasons, the majority of people convert from smoking to vaping. The most significant benefit of vaping is that it offers a chance to switch from a very dangerous form of nicotine intake to one that doesn’t emit tar or carbon monoxide. Let’s not talk about smoking today, we have passed that moment already. How about some cool juice from your favorite vape shop in Vancouver?


Select the Perfect E-Juice Flavor

Remember that your vaping device only makes up half of the equation in addition to selecting the best vaping hardware for your preferences. There is also an e-liquid component. It’s critical to keep in mind that your vaping apparatus merely transmits the contents of your e-liquid. If you don’t already adore an e-liquid, it doesn’t matter how much you play around with your vaping setup. In case you are not sure what to do, you can contact your local vape shop for assistance.

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Vape Juice: What Is It?

An electronic cigarette uses liquid vape juice to generate vapor. Also known as:

  • E-liquid
  • E-juice
  • Vaping liquid
  • E-cig juice

For vaping to work, e-liquid must be present, regardless of the size or appearance of the device. There are many flavors and nicotine strengths to choose from when it comes to vape juice.

Vape Shop Flavorings

Water-soluble flavor concentrates are typically produced by businesses that produce food flavorings and/or perfumes. There are many tastes to choose from, including chocolate-glazed donuts, tobacco, and fruits. Sucralose is the most widely used sweetener, and it is also present in many commercial e-juices.


It is always the user’s choice whether or not to use nicotine. Various concentrations of it are found in e-liquids, ranging from less than 1% to 5%. Most e-juice lines sell non-nicotine e-liquid if the user does not want to use nicotine.

Explore More Juice: Be Adventurous

Truth be told, nobody can tell you what juice you should take. There’s no harm in trying two or three flavors of your favorite flavor until you find the one you like best. Furthermore, experimenting with different flavors can be helpful. Even though this is a more advanced technique, it is certainly not out of the question if you feel that your vape is lacking something essential.

Let’s Do KickVaping

We are providing the best quality Vapes and accessories. Check out our both locations in Vancouver and choose the taste that goes with your personality.  We love hearing from you and our customer’s feedback is the cornerstone of our business. 


“They are awesome. They had the product that I needed,

the same price I would pay ordering from the internet and waiting 7 days.

Also, they gave my puppy a treat and she loves it!!!”

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