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5 Mesmerizing Flavours Everyone is Talking About -Flavoured Vape Shop

Flavoured Vape Shop Vancouver

Flavoured Vape Shop

Vaping juice must be chosen carefully. What’s the point of vaping if the e-juice you use does not appeal to you? Don’t just shop around the best-flavoured vape shop if the quality doesn’t suit your taste. It’s important to remember that flavor and nicotine content of the vape juice matter more than the flavor or nicotine content, even though any e-juice will provide the user with vapor and nicotine! 

12 Monkeys

Introducing 12 Monkeys Salts! These nicotine salt flavors have been designed with consumer requests in mind. Featuring a 50 VG / 50 PG ratio with no added sweeteners, customers can now experience these great tasting flavors in their favorite pod or mouth-to-lung tank with longer coil life and enhanced flavor. Our flavoured vape shop Vancouver has a large selection of what you are looking for.

Bubble Gang 

Is there a little part of you that loves sweets? What if you could travel back in time and taste the bubblegum you loved as a child? With Bubble Gang E-juice, you don’t need a time machine to enjoy the mouthwatering flavor

Coconut Dreamz

Take a few draws of this E-Juice delight to discover the unending delights of coconut that will be savored each time you inhale. We have Coconut Milk & Blue Strawberry infused with coconut and a cool splash of milk. We also offer Coconut Milk & Cookie Vanilla shortbread Cookie infused with coconut and a cool splash of milk.


Fugu’s blend traditional fruit flavors with cool menthol to deliver a deliciously sweet vape. 

  • Blow

This icy slush is a mythical mixture of blue raspberry and blueberry juice

  • Jelly

A mouthwatering White Grape x Apple combination paired with a juicy green apple candy

  • Puffer

Strawberries and Kiwis by Sour Power! This candy flavor is sweet and tasty!

Cannoli Black Edition

The rich cannoli shell flavor and the flavor of the vanilla filling will get your taste buds excited upon inhaling our cannoli black edition liquids. Exhaling, the taste of cannoli filling enthralls your taste buds like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Seeing as you are an avid vaper, we suggest you stop in and give these babies a try. The flavor is proving to be a hit with our customers!

If you’re on the market for the top flavoured vape shop in Vancouver, you’ve come to the right place. Drop by our location to learn more about what we offer and find your best fit!