Elevate Your Vape Style: The Hottest Accessories for 2024

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Vaping isn’t just about function; it’s also a form of personal expression. And for those who want to take their vape game to the next level, the right accessories can make all the difference. From stylish and functional to downright innovative, here’s a look at the accessory trends shaping the world of vaping in 2024, letting you show off your unique vape style. At KICK Vape Shop Vancouver, you can find style that is as unique as you are.

  • Cases: Durable materials, custom skins, and integrated power banks are hot.
  • Lanyards: Think chains, beads, and leather for a fashion-forward look.
  • Stands: Get stands with wireless charging, LED lights, and speakers.
  • Car Mounts: Sleek designs and secure grip are key.
  • Cleaning Kits: Portable kits keep your vape fresh and flavorful.
  • Drip Tips: Add personality with unique designs and materials.
  • Eco-Friendly: Look for accessories made from sustainable materials.

Protective and Personalized: Vape Cases and Skins

  • Durable Designs to have your Vape Style Up: 

In 2024, cases aren’t just about protecting your vape. They’re a fashion statement and an extension of your vape style. Look for cases crafted from these on-trend materials:

    • Leather: Timeless and elegant, leather cases add a touch of luxury. Choose from smooth, pebbled textures, or even embossed designs for extra flair.
    • Silicone: Offers superior shock absorption and a comfortable, non-slip grip. Bright colors and textured silicone cases are perfect for a bold, sporty look.
    • Rugged Textiles: Think weather-resistant canvas or ripstop nylon. Perfect for the adventurous vaper who needs extra durability.

vape style


  • Customization Craze: 

Customization Craze: Your Vape Style, Your Way

Skins and decals are the easiest way to make your vape stand out from the crowd. The choices are endless!

  • Designs & Patterns: From abstract and geometric patterns to pop culture references and nature-inspired designs, there’s a skin to match your personality.
  • Custom Artwork: Upload your own photos, artwork, or even create custom text designs for a one-of-a-kind vape case.
  • Textured Skins: Add a tactile element with skins that mimic woodgrain, carbon fiber, or even animal prints – adding visual and textural interest.

Skins and decals are exploding in popularity, letting you personalize your vape with unique designs, patterns, and even your own custom artwork.



  • Integrated Features: 

Integrated Features: Cases That Do More

2024’s vape cases are about function AND style. Look for these clever features:

  • Power Bank Integration: Never worry about a dead vape battery! Cases that double as power banks offer multiple charges on the go.
  • Storage Compartments: Keep spare e-liquid pods, coils, cleaning tools, or even a mini e-liquid bottle organized and easily accessible.
  • Magnetic Closures: Fuss-free opening and closing with secure magnetic clasps that keep your vape protected.

Level Up Your Lanyard Game in your Vape Style

  • Beyond Basic: Stylish Alternatives

      • Delicate Chains: Fine-linked chains in silver, gold, or even rose gold offer a sophisticated and elegant look.
      • Beaded Lanyards: Add a touch of boho chic with lanyards made from natural stones, glass beads, or even wooden accents.
      • Leather Lanyards: Choose braided, woven, or smooth leather lanyards for a touch of rugged or refined style, depending on the finish.
  • Functionality Focus: Features That Make Life Easier

      • Magnetic Clasps: Quickly detach your vape for discreet use or when you’re stationary. Look for strong clasps that keep your device secure.
      • Adjustable Lengths: Customize the length of your lanyard with sliding adjusters or multiple attachment points for the perfect fit.
      • Built-In Charms: Many lanyards now feature small charms designed specifically to hold spare pods, keeping them accessible while adding a touch of personality.
    • Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to layer chains and beaded lanyards for a truly unique look. Or, dress up a simple leather lanyard with a decorative charm.

    • Comfort Matters Choose materials that feel comfortable against your skin. Leather softens with wear, and chains or beads with smooth finishes won’t snag on clothing.

High-Tech Holders and Stands for the Ultimate Vape Style

vape style

Smart Design: More Than Just a Stand

Vape stands in 2024 go beyond securely holding your device. Look for these next-level features that blend functionality and style:

  • Wireless Charging: Eliminate tangled cords! Many stands now feature built-in wireless charging pads compatible with the latest smartphones and some vape devices.
  • Customizable LED Lighting: Add ambiance with stands featuring adjustable LED lights. Change the color or brightness to match your mood or room décor.
  • Integrated Speakers: Some stands connect to your phone via Bluetooth for surprisingly good sound quality, transforming your vape stand into a mini sound system.
  • Smart App Control: Look for stands allowing you to control the LED lighting, speaker settings, or even monitor charging status through a dedicated app.

Car Upgrades: Sleek, Secure, and Versatile

Don’t let your vape style suffer on the road! 2024’s car mounts are more stylish and functional than ever:

  • Sleeker Designs: Minimalist mounts made from brushed metal or sleek plastics seamlessly blend into your car’s interior.
  • Stronger Hold: Look for vent clips with secure gripping mechanisms and cup holder mounts with adjustable bases to prevent your vape from tumbling.
  • Universal Compatibility: Many mounts now feature adjustable arms or secure straps to accommodate a wide range of vape devices, even those with larger or oddly-shaped batteries.
  • Multi-Angle Adjustability: Easily find the perfect viewing angle with mounts that rotate and tilt, allowing for safe use of your vape while driving (where legal).

Additional Considerations

  • Power Source: Some high-tech stands require a power outlet, while others feature built-in batteries for portability.
  • Desktop vs. Travel: Consider whether a stand is primarily for home use or if you’ll frequently take it with you, as this may influence the size and features you prioritize.

Portable Cleaning Kits to keep your Vape Style

On-the-Go Maintenance: Why It Matters

      • Flavor Preservation: Clean coils and wicks ensure you get the best flavor from your e-liquids.
      • Device Longevity: Removing residue and buildup helps extend the lifespan of your vape components.
      • Hygiene: A clean mouthpiece and regularly sanitized device are essential, especially when sharing your vape.

vape style

What to Look for in a Kit:

      • Essentials:
        • Cleaning Solution (alcohol-based or formulated for vapes)
        • Microfiber Cloths (lint-free is a must)
        • Small Cleaning Brushes (for coils, airflow vents, etc.)
        • Cotton Swabs (for hard-to-reach areas)
      • Bonus Items:
        • Tweezers (for coil replacement)
        • O-ring replacements
        • Mini screwdriver (depending on your device)
        • Collapsible cleaning tray (keeps things neat on the go)

Eco-Conscious Options: Minimize Your Impact

      • Reusable Components: Opt for kits with washable microfiber cloths, refillable cleaning solution bottles, and durable tools.
      • Eco-Friendly Solutions: Look for cleaning solutions made from plant-based ingredients and free from harsh chemicals.
      • Minimal Packaging: Choose kits with minimal plastic packaging or those made from recyclable materials.
  • Statement Pieces: Drip tips are the perfect way to add flair and show off your vape style. Expect 2024 to bring even wilder designs, from resin and glass creations to those featuring intricate engravings and precious metals.
  • Performance Enhancements: Specialized drip tips are designed to influence airflow and vapor temperature, providing a customized vaping experience.

Sustainability Meets Sleek Design

Sustainability is a growing concern for vapers, and 2024 will see even more accessories made from eco-friendly materials like recycled plastics, bamboo, and natural fibers. Look for sleek, minimalist designs emphasizing both style and environmental awareness.

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