How to Fix “Check Atomizer” on Your Vape

Check Atomizer

Check Atomizer  on your vape

Vaping becomes impossible when your vape mod malfunctions. When you receive messages such as “check atomizer”, “atomizer low”, “no atomizer” or “atomizer short”, you will not be able to proceed until the issue is resolved. The experience of wanting to vape feels like getting a 404 error message.

What is the status of the system?

There are a variety of error messages used by different brands, adding to the complexity. For instance, one company may use “atomizer short” as an error code when a coil has shorted, but another company may use “atomizer check” as an error code if an atomizer has faulty components, or use it to refer to all atomizer issues. 

Maintain a clean contact point

Clean your device’s threads and connections after you remove the tank (or pod if that is what you are using). The best material to use is usually a paper towel. Pod kits have contact points under the pod, whereas batteries and mods usually have one central pin, sometimes referred to as a 510 pin. Reattach your tank (or insert your pod) to your battery/mod. Don’t overtighten the tank, but put it firmly on. In case the problem persists, proceed to step 2.

Short coils are possible

Your coil may not be properly seated or there may be an insulator missing from the factory coil or there may be a loose connection on the rebuildable. If you have a full tank of juice, you might find that disassembling your tank isn’t a very convenient or tidy process if you’re changing a coil.

Disassemble your tank and remove the coil from the base. Clean the bottom of the coil where it screws into the tank and makes contact with the tank. The coil must also be cleaned inside the tank, so you must also clean the coil area. Reassemble the tank after you have cleaned and dried your coil.

Pin 510 should be checked

Check your 510 pins on your tank and make sure it’s connected to your mod if you have a traditional mod and tank. Ensure the mod is connected to the power source. Pull it out a bit (if it’s adjustable).

Check your sub-Ohm tank for a connection between the coil and the base. By pulling out the coil slightly, you can often undo this. Do not try to pull the coil apart or you will break the wires within. Then reassemble the tank.

Weakly resistive coils

Rebuildable coils may eventually become more resistive if you dry burn them. You’ll need to find a mod or ohmmeter that can fire that coil and examine whether it’s dry-burned enough to put it with your mod’s range.

A quick RECAP

Those still seeing the error message should follow these steps:

  • Make sure all batteries and mods, tanks, and pods are clean
  • The coil must be removed and reinstalled (after cleaning)
  • Replace your coil with a new one
  • 510 pins (mods/tanks) may be adjusted by adjusting the 510 pins.
  • Modify your mod so that a different tank appears
  • Modify your tank with another mod
  • If possible, adjust the base of the coil carefully (mainly sub-Ohm coils)