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PHD Juice Flavor’s

  Banana Ripe Banana with a hint of Cream   Blueberry Sweet Cinnamon Pastry Buns   Coffee Dark coffee with a hint of Hazelnut   Cool Mint Fresh mint flavor with a cool exhale   Grape Juicy Purple Grapes   Green Apple Candy Green Apple   HoneyDew Cream Honeydew with a side of cream   Kiwi Strawberry Kiwi's in Strawberry Punch   Lemon Cheese cake Lemon Glazed NY Cheesecake   Lemonade Sweet & Tart Lemonade   Lychee Fresh Lychees with a hint of Guava   Mango Perfectly ripe mangos   Mixed Berry Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry   Orange Juicy Mandarin Oranges   Peach Ripe Juicy Peaches   Rainbow Sour Sour chewy candies   Raspberry Cotton Candy Berry flavored cotton candy    Strawberry Juicy Strawberries   Tropical Punch Strawberry, Guava,Pineapple Citrus Punch   Vanilla Sweet &Creamy French Vanilla   Watermelon Juicy Ripe Watermelon   Wild Read More...

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